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I agree somewhat and then again somewhat more with you. My leanings towards Christ were watered with William Blake, Merton's 7 story Mountain, the life of St Francis, and, amusingly enough, the kind guidance of a Christian Science reading room attendant, me as a teenager, who got me into the habit of reading the Old and new testament daily. The seemingly paradoxical clincher, however, was reading Paramahansa Yoganadas's Autobiography of a Yog,i, which prompted me as a teenager to invoke the name of Babaji, to experience the unity of myself with a mystical union with God, and now I am very much Catholic leaning with leaning towards Old Catholicism with resistance against same sex marriage, etc. The joy of service and sharing with the suffering pend me towards Catholics as opposed to the sterile narcissism of much of Protestant ChristianItty (sic) which treats God as a vassal they use in gaining wealth, power and other nonessential baggage.

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Sounds like an intriguing journey. Thanks for chiming in. :)

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